Hello world! It's our very first blog post so I wanted to write a little something about WHY I created Lyftoff and why myself and my whole team are so excited about the company.

Lyftoff was created with one goal in mind. We want to bring the very best of marketing and business services to small and medium businesses. Seems like a simple enough idea, however it's not easy at all. When we began to design the company we were trying to decide HOW we would provide these services and maintain the quality, speed of work and cost where we wanted it to be. It was a lot harder than we thought, maybe that's why no one seems to be doing it.

After a significant number of energy drinks, many late nights, getting laughed at a few times and consulting some of the biggest names in the business we've got our model down, and we're really excited about it.

Our model consists of moving away from the "old boys club" of marketing and business consulting where our clients are billed for every single second of our time, every coffee we drink with you, every cab ride we take, or every litre of fuel we use to get to your offices for meetings. I've seen agencies actually charge more for more "senior" team members and then during a meeting the less seasoned employees actually have better ideas, and the one you, the client are paying all this money for is not adding anything. No, no, no. We're not lawyers are we?

We work on a retainer model. We work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and build a package around you so you get all of what you need and none of what you don't.

You have access to services A, B and C for a certain amount per month and when you need more or less, we're flexible. We've had tremendous success with this model so far. We find our clients are generally more happy, they tend to call on us more for strategic advice and counsel rather than the status quo (which is super boring anyways, right?) and when they have a question they aren't scared to pick up the phone fearing another charge on their next invoice. 

Our people work hard and they are rewarded for it. We love to pay our employees and contractors a real wage and give them the best benefits and bonuses, after all, I can't do all the work myself - not enough hands! Happy employees = happy clients!

We think our model is awesome, if you want to work with us, shoot us an E-Mail to: but be warned, this is a pretty cool place to work. There might be water guns involved on your first day.

And if you think you'd like to work with us send us all your information and tell us just how awesome you are to

Talk soon!

- Mike Rothwell, CEO/Director of Marketing Services